The Ruanla Consulting Agency is the result of the goal of enabling young people from Thailand to complete further education or training in Germany. Likewise, the Office of Vocational Trainings Commission, Ministry of Education Bangkok often sends students from Thai hospitality colleges here in Germany to an internship in companies they select. The Agency takes care of them and support the students in all affairs. Thus, upon their return, they can inform all students where the differences are and what they pay attention to especially in Germany. In Thailand, Ruanla Consulting also attends colleges to gain experience on how to bring education systems together. The aim is to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Germany by attending German courses in Thailand, by seeking cooperation companies for training courses here in Germany, thus ensuring the training and development of later skilled workers. Thailand is ready and offers friendly, ambitious and motivated people. Due to their open and helpful mentality, the agency has only been able to make good experiences in the previous companies.

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